How we cultivate

Today I am committed to maintaining this crop at the highest possible quality standards while respecting the longstanding traditions of this product.

Our rice is grown in a biodiversity protected environment and it is certified Friend of the Earth.
Certification standard that rewards those companies that operate in accordance with the practices of sustainable agriculture and farming using integrated pest management practices and implementing social responsibility practices. Inspiring philosophy of our agronomic choices is creating a cultivation system that combines the guarantee of our productions and the protection of the heritage that belongs to All of Us: the Environment.

We cultivate our rice in accordance with measures of the Region of Piedmont’s Rural Development Plan.
The former foresees adherence to regulations and techniques of integrated production defined by the Region in conformance with specific national and EU guidelines regarding controls on the use of fertilisers and pesticides. In order to achieve this we sow cover crops in winter like Namoi Vetch to naturally fertilize our rice.
The latter foresees the reduction of dry periods (periods in which the paddy fields are not flooded) in order to encourage aquatic biodiversity. In addition to this we realized over 10 kilometrs of ditches in our fields to assure the best conditions for biodiversity all year round. Sowing takes place at the end of April or the beginning of May, depending on the specific variety of rice. The rice is broadcast sown in flooded rice fields.

The crops are harvested using a combine harvester in September or October.

The paddy is then dried until it reaches 12 – 13% humidity, stocked in sheet metal silos, and subsequently husked by special machines.

All the stages of production are performed on our farm, from sowing to final storage.