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Our Products - Rice and Ancient Spelt

Our products: Carnaroli, Arborio, Apollo, Carnaroli Brown, Selenio, Venere and our Ancient Diccocum Spelt are cultivated exclusively in, are cultivated exclusively in our rice fields and our care and attention guarantee a product of the highest quality. Our logo depicts the black-tailed godwit, a rare migratory bird with a long and tapered beak that nests in our rice fields. Our point of sale is located in the old farmhouse where the workers used to live until the 1950s before agriculture became highly mechanised. I have renovated the premises, but have tried to maintain the traditional architecture and atmosphere of that bygone age.

Riso superfino Carnaroli Cascina Oschiena


Carnaroli is considered one of the best varieties of rice in Italy.
It has an excellent cooking capacity for any type of preparation, and is therefore ideal for the finest risottos.
Indeed, it is capable of blending and enhancing a diverse range of flavours and foods.
Cooking Time 14-16 minutes.

Riso superfino Carnaroli Cascina Oschiena

Apollo rice.

Apollo rice has a translucent tapered grain which extends during cooking and does not easily overcook.
It is famous for its fragrance and it is an excellent accompaniment to meat and fish dishes, whether spicy or delicate.
It is even worth trying on its own, with a little extra-virgin olive oil or some vegetables.
Cooking time 12-14 minutes.

Riso superfino Carnaroli Cascina Oschiena

Carnaroli Brown.

The difference between white rice and brown rice is that the latter is only husked and not polished. Husking consists of removing the husk, i.e. the light outer layer which surrounds every single grain and which keeps them attached to the head; while the production of white rice requires that the inner film that lines the grain, its peripheral layers and the germ be removed. These parts of the grain, which are not eliminated in the production of brown rice, particularly the germ, contain high quantities of protein, vitamins, minerals and fibre. Brown rice is therefore easy to digest, ideal for a healthy and balanced diet, and is recommended for all those ailments whose cause is linked to a lack of fibre in one’s diet. One should also not forget its optimum level of potassium with respect to sodium. The fact that brown rice maintains its peripheral layers and the germ means that its cooking time is significantly greater than that of white rice.
Cooking Time 35 – 40 minutes

Riso superfino Carnaroli Cascina Oschiena

Venere Brown and Aromatic.

Excellent for accompanying vegetables, meat, fish and crustaceans. Ideal as an original variation for a rice salad or simply boiled and seasoned as you prefer. Rich in protein, fibre, iron and calcium, it is a healthy and easily digestible food.
Cooking Time 35 – 40 minutes

Riso superfino Carnaroli Cascina Oschiena

Ermes Brown and Aromatic.

This rice is a rusty red colour and is excellent when accompanying fish or vegetables. Rich in fibre, minerals, vitamins and above all iron, it is also well-known for its anti-oxidant properties.
Cooking Time 35 – 40 minutes