Cascina Oschiena: The farmhouse as it is.

Cascina Oschiena: The farmhouse as it is

I took on the commitment of running the Cascina Oschiena in 2008. My name is Alice Cerutti, I am 30 years old and I am an agricultural entrepreneur with a degree in Business Studies from the University of Turin.
Over the years, we have carried out extensive renovation work while maintaining the essence and character of the original structures, well aware of the three-hundred-year history of our farmhouse. With great care and attention, we have maintained all the old buildings: the drying kiln and the silos necessary for modern rice cultivation have been seamlessly integrated into the traditional architecture while the stables, which once housed carthorses, has been converted into storage space for tractors and other agricultural equipment.
In 2012 I installed photovoltaic panels which have allowed us to reduce our energy consumption from non-renewable sources and to decrease our CO2 emissions, thus making the farm more ecologically sustainable.
I also participate in a project called ECORICE ( ) which is part of the European Life Natura 2000 programme. The aim of the project is to protect the environment and encourage biodiversity by recreating ancient rural landscapes. I have restored a fountain through the widening of the outlet and the reforestation of the riverbanks and I have planted hedges and tall trees along the embankments of the rice fields. The land occupied by the farm is part of the “Vercelli Rice Fields” Special Protected Area.

The fields surrounding our farmhouse constitute one of the three Italian nesting sites of the black-tailed godwit, a migratory bird whose rarity attracts the attentions of an increasingly large number of birdwatchers, especially in May and June when the godwit begins to nest. This is why that black-tailed godwit was chosen as the logo of our farmhouse and its products.

Our business outlet presents rice cultivated exclusively on our farm, and thus the highest quality is guaranteed.
Moreover, I am an active member of the National Association of Young Agrarian Farmers, of which I am currently president. I strongly believe in the strength of associations helping us to achieve the objectives we set ourselves.