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Cascina Oschiena Nature Reserve for the Black-tailed Godwit

It's a great responsibility and a great joy to have achieved a Nature Reserve around our farm. We gave back to Nature 60 acres of land for biodiversity; in particular this amazing project will hopefully safe the Black-tailed Godwit, being Cascina Oschiena the last recorded nesting site in Italy.

Introducing Carnaroli Classic Rice

Classic is the Certification that guarantees authenticity, purity and traceability, distinguishing the true ancient varieties from the modern similar varieties created for industrial agriculture and that can be sold with the name of the historical reference variety

Introducing Arborio Rice

We are registered on the Ente Risi “Albo dei coltivatori di Riso Classico” that is the list of certified farmers, we are only 5 farmers to grow certified Classic Arborio, having the great responsibility and honor of keeping this ancient variety and its history alive

Savor Piemonte 2020

Meet the producer Cascina Oschiena.
"I am committed to offer products with high quality standards, as well as to respect ancient traditions and the environment I live in".

Geo e Geo. Rai 3. 19 November 2019

“The sustainable rice of the Nature Reserve”

"Alice's Rice 2014"

Andrea Mura

Professional Documentary on young farmers, winners of the third edition of : “New Success Factors” of good agricultural practices for sustainability achieved by young farmers on their farms

Rice sowing in water

Rice sowing in water

We sow our entire farmland in water.It is the historical method of sowing now unfortunately increasingly rare because replaced by dry sowing to increase production. However water is life for us, for biodiversity, for rice and its territory and landscape. Sowing in water allows to grow the disappearing ancient varieties of our beloved rice.

Raccolta del risone

Harvesting paddy rice

We harvest with the combiner from mid September to mid October. We bring the paddy rice from the fields to our farm and we clean and dry it in a crop cleaning and drying system that guarantees a high level of care throughout the process, very low drying temperatures and longer times.

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