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  • 2 june 2017


    Santa, protector of harvests.

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  • Agricultural experiences at the Farmhouse

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  • Our Rice and Spelt

    Carnaroli, Apollo, Carnaroli Brown, Venere Brown and Aromatic, Ermes Brown and Aromatic, Selenio, Arborio and Ancient Dicoccum Spelt

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The Landscape

The rice-growing landscape is distinguished above all by the flatness of one’s overall view. This is the great lure of a land which gives a sense of boundlessness limited only in the distance by spectacular mountain chains. The flatness of the land however is not a coincidence: another feature of a rice-growing environment is its inextricable link with water. That which appears perfectly flat in reality is not. There is always a slight difference in height between each field so that an ordered inflow and outflow of water can be organised.

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Agricultural experiences at the Farmhouse

Come and pay us a visit at the farmhouse to learn all about rice and to experience life on the farm at firsthand, with a look at both modern rice growing as well as that of yesteryear!

For information call us on +39 3922262845 or send an email to alicecerutti@cascinaoschiena.it

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The Blacktailed Godwit Project

Every year, in order to help the black-tailed godwit to complete the rearing of its brood, we have decided to leave four rice field chambers uncultivated until July when the birdies are able to fly. We do our best in order that the black tailed godwit and the other numerous migratory birds find the best and more natural habitat and nesting conditions. To achieve this important and challenging goal we anticipate the flooding of the surrounding rice fields in order to allow as soon as possible the best condition for aquatic biodiversity and consequently for birds. Moreover we keep all the margins of our fields naturally green covered for biodiversity and we sow spelt in another field nearby so that the birds have also the opportunity to nest among higher plants and be more protected from bigger competitors like ravens and crows.

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Rice has been cultivated at the Cascina Oschiena, situated just a few kilometres from Vercelli in the municipality of Crova, since the 16th century when the site was occupied by Benedictine Monks. Today, I am committed to maintaining these crops at the highest possible quality standards while respecting the longstanding traditions of this product. To this we add the desire to pursue a goal of sustainable agriculture in conformance with the farming and environmental guidelines of the Region of Piedmont and participation in a European Project entitled Natura 2000-Life “Eco-Rice”. The territory occupied by the farm is indeed part of an ecological network known as the “Vercelli Rice Fields” Special Protection Area. My objective is to safeguard the environment and landscape by recreating natural habitats for the area’s native animal and plant species.

Alice Cerutti

Our products: Carnaroli, Arborio, Apollo, Carnaroli Brown, Selenio, Venere and our Ancient Diccocum Spelt are cultivated exclusively in are cultivated exclusively in our rice fields and our care and attention guarantee a product of the highest quality. Our logo depicts the black-tailed godwit, a rare migratory bird with a long and tapered beak that nests in our rice fields.

Carnaroli is considered one of the best varieties of rice in Italy. It has an excellent cooking capacity for any type of preparation, and is therefore ideal for the finest risottos. Indeed, it is capable of blending and enhancing a diverse range of flavours and foods.
Cooking Time 14-16 minutes.

Apollo rice has a translucent tapered grain which extends during cooking and does not easily overcook. It is famous for its fragrance and it is an excellent accompaniment to meat and fish dishes, whether spicy or delicate. It is even worth trying on its own, with a little extra-virgin olive oil or some vegetables.
Cooking time 12-14 minutes.

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