The Blacktailed Godwit Project

Every year, in order to help the black-tailed godwit to complete the rearing of its brood, we have decided to leave four rice field chambers uncultivated until July when the birdies are able to fly. We do our best in order that the black tailed godwit and the other numerous migratory birds find the best and more natural habitat and nesting conditions. To achieve this important and challenging goal we anticipate the flooding of the surrounding rice fields in order to allow as soon as possible the best condition for aquatic biodiversity and consequently for birds. Moreover we keep all the margins of our fields naturally green covered for biodiversity and we sow spelt in another field nearby so that the birds have also the opportunity to nest among higher plants and be more protected from bigger competitors like ravens and crows.

This synergy with Nature rewards us! Early in the morning, in the beginning of April we start hearing the sharp and repeated sounds and finally we can announce “ The Blacktailed Godwit are back!!”

Thanks to our friends and expert ornithologists -Mauro, Franco and Gianfranco- every year we monitor the popolation of Godwits that join our farm fields. The good news is that the number is growing probably thanks to this synergy and commitment. Moreover, in collaboration with the SKUA Nature association we have positioned two photographic hides on the edge of the rice field only early in the morning so that the fauna is not disturbed. In order to provide the best view, we have put them underneath the ground level so that the window of the hide is in line with the water level of the rice field.